Our Process

Step 1

Contact Us

Tell us what you're looking for! We can customize any plan to meet your wants and needs. 

Step 2

Cutting Panels

Once the floorplan is agreed upon, we can begin the process of cutting the SIPS and break ground. For more information, hover over our materials.

Step 3

Panel Setup and Dry In

Most houses take only 1-2 days to assemble and dry in. Then subcontractors can begin their work. 

Step 4

Move In!

After 8-10 weeks, most houses are ready to be moved in! 


HAYECO uses SIPS panels sourced from Fischer SIPS. This allows us to save money, time, and resources and results in an energy efficient house that can be fully customized to your needs! For more information on Fischer SIPS, click the button below!